1. A registration is deemed complete and students are enrolled with Apostrophe Kids once the registration form and all registration fees and post-dated cheques per student are submitted and approved by administration. Places will not be held in classes until registration is complete.

2. Although every effort will be made to accommodate students, Apostrophe Kids reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment.

3. The withdrawal procedure does not allow for partial refunds for a session. Should you have to withdraw from the program, please advise Apostrophe Kids administration one-week prior to the deposit date and your post-dated cheque(s) will be returned to you.

4. All tuition cheques returned to the office as “Non-Sufficient Funds” will carry a $25.00 service charge paid to Apostrophe Kids Inc. A two-week grace period will be granted to make arrangements for the replacement cheque to be received. After the two-week grace period, if cheques have not been replaced the student will not be allowed in class.



1. Should a winter storm occur on a class day, it will be the students' and/or parents' responsibility to check the website for information regarding classes. Apostrophe Kids classes will continue on snow days, but if a condition severe enough to close the school occurs, teachers will rework the following week's class to ensure all material is covered and student learning goes uninterrupted.

2. If a student is absent from class due to illness or other circumstances, it is the responsibility of the student and/or parents to obtain any missed lessons or homework from the school. Teachers and staff will not fax or email handouts to students.


Student/Parent Responsibilities

1. Apostrophe Kids personnel cannot assume responsibility for students who leave the school after instruction or who arrive before their classes. It is the parents’ responsibility to accompany their child to and from the school. Parents will accept full responsibility for their child until his/her class begins and when it ends.

2. Apostrophe Kids is an enriched program. To succeed and benefit from the program, students need to manage weekly assignment expectations. If expectations are not met, students will be put on probation.


Privacy Policy

1. Apostrophe Kids Inc. collects information about your family to provide the best and most appropriate care for your child. This information is also used for statistical analysis to develop programs required for the future.

2. Your information (including email address) is retained to enable us to communicate with you if we have new information that may be of interest to you.

3. All personal family information is processed and stored in a secure location with access controls.


Email: admin@apostrophekids.com