Apostrophe Kids curriculum has a foundation built on four key components: ReadingWriting, Oral Communication and Media Literacy. All four components are weaved into every level. The skills that they will develop and the learning that they will take away will be transferable to all subject areas in their educational experience making them well-rounded students with the added advantage of being a step ahead.


Simply knowing how to read words off of a page is insufficient. Deriving meanings from those words leads to understanding the message the author is trying to convey. As students build on their reading comprehension skills they will have a clearer understanding of how to use the information, whether it is for gathering facts, learning a new skill or merely pleasure. At Apostrophe Kids, we believe reading comprehension is developed through making connections to their own experience or prior knowledge and through ongoing practice.



It can be empowering to write in various forms and purposes. At Apostrophe Kids, we believe enhanced writing skills help children develop a brainstorming process and build organizational strategies. It will expand the skill of perspective writing, evaluating information, building arguments, and generating rich questions. At Apostrophe Kids spelling is a key component of writing. Spelling aids in reading and writing, and therefore building proficiency in language. By growing a students’ word bank they will have a greater ability to create more descriptive and elaborate written work.


Developing public speaking skills and delivering effective presentations is not always easy. At Apostrophe Kids, we want students to understand that the most important element of their oral delivery is themselves. The audience is concentrating on them, their language, delivery, mannerisms, gestures, facial expressions and their comfort in the information being presented. Students will be given the opportunity to develop content that will catch the attention of their audience and keep it. Apostrophe Kids provides the stage for success.



Media is a powerful force in the lives of kids. Music, TV, video games, magazines and other media all have strong influences on how they see the world. Media education encourages students to question, evaluate, understand and appreciate their multimedia culture. Media education encourages students to use multimedia tools creatively to help embody a richer understanding by creating from their own ideas. At Apostrophe Kids, they will gain skills to access media, to analyze it in a critical way, evaluate the effectiveness of the production and to produce their own media.