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Apostrophe Kids is an after-school, academic enrichment program developed by an Ontario Certified Teacher to build student confidence and engagement in Language Arts. Apostrophe Kids was designed to provide transformative, enhanced learning experiences that students can carry with them throughout their academic career.  

At Apostrophe Kids, we believe that students with well-rounded language skills will have the tools to succeed in all aspects of their education. Strong language skills will translate to successes in other subject areas such as solving word problems in Mathematics, researching for Social Studies, writing reports for Science, and delivering oral presentations throughout their academic career. We are here to build that strong foundation for every student who is open to embracing the learning that will happen over the course of their time with Apostrophe Kids. Our goal is for students to enjoy the art of language.


At Apostrophe Kids, our mission is to provide a unique curriculum, world-class teaching and experiential learning opportunities, all while exceeding the current educational standards. Our vision is to create an ideal learning environment in which high-achieving students can thrive.

At Apostrophe Kids, we aim to cultivate, lead and inspire world-class thinkers and expert communicators, deliver a challenging and exciting curriculum that exceeds Ministry expectations, foster a love of learning, and help students realize and maximize their potential.


Apostrophe Kids was designed for students who have a passion for language and the motivation to learn. Apostrophe Kids focuses on Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Writing and Presentation Skills. The goal is to have students transfer their knowledge gained through this program to meet and exceed various curriculum expectations at school.


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