Goal: Design a Cereal Box


Food packages such as cookie boxes are designed to get the attention of buyers. A good package should call out “Buy me! Buy me!” Food packages use words, art, and design to get their messages across.


Success Criteria:

• name of food company

• name of cookie

• slogan to sell your cookie

• illustration to catch the buyers attention


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Goal: Create a Shape Poem


A shape poem is a poem written or designed in the same shape as the topic of the poem.


Success Criteria:

• descriptive words for your topic

• interesting design for your topic

• words should take the shape of your topic


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Goal: Create an Announcement Poster


An announcement is a public notice. Often it tells about an upcoming event. It should tell all the important information using as few words as possible.


Success Criteria:

• include all important information

• information should be clear and organized

• visually catches the audiences attention


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Goal: 2021 Goals Bullet Journal


Bullet journaling is a fun, creative, and relaxing way to organize your thoughts. The key is to use words and pictures to communicate your goals, make lists, plan events, reflect on memories from a trip, and so much more!


Success Criteria:

• 2021 Goals should stand out

• minimum 5 goals

• balance of words and pictures

• colour and details


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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have."

~ Maya Angelou